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WWll Honor Roll
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Corner Glassboro Rd. and Elm Ave.

Honor Roll List courtesy Wilma Belcher

  1.   Aissen, Elvera S. (Mrs. A.A.) W.A.C. enlisted July 1943.
  2.   Aissen, Anatole A. Army ( Paratroops ). 
  3. Appleton, William Charles Navy ( Mother ) Mrs. Kathryn Eberle, Elm Ave. 
  4. Barnard, Wm. Stinson Army (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Wm. S. Barnard Poplar Ave. 
  5. Batt, Robert 
  6. Bispoli, Joseph Army (Father) Wm. Bispoli Walnut Ave. 
  7. Brown, Evlynn M. Marine Corps Womens Reserve Feb. 1944 ( Mother ) Mrs. Violette D. Brown Glassboro Rd. 
  8. Berry, Otis entered Jan. 1943 ( Mother) Mrs. F.M. Patton Lake Ave. 
  9. Breckley, William Private U.S.A. Parents Mr. & Mrs. William Breckley Beech Ave. 
  10. Bugg, George S. Jr. Corp. U.S.A. Parents Mr. & Mrs. George Scott Bugg Chestnut Ave.
  11.  Bugg, Wayne F. Pvt. U.S.M.C. (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. George Scott Bugg Chestnut Ave. 
  12. Berg, George F. Walnut Ave. 
  13. Berg, Robert U.S.A. (Father) Charles Berg Box 157. 
  14. Beith, Robert B. U.S.N. 
  15. Belcher, Raymond Jr. U.S.A. (Air Force ) Father Raymond Belcher 
  16. Boucher, George W. Navy ind. 5-16-1944 
  17. Bratton, Mark H. Jr. ind. 7-26-1944 Glassboro Rd. 
  18. Brazier, Wilber G. U.S.N. (Wife) Mrs. Jean Brazier Lake Ave. 
  19. Bronum, George Soren Cpl. Army (Air Force) (Father) George Bronum Candidus Ave. 
  20. Brown, William Marine Corps (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brown Elm Ave. 
  21. Burgess Isaac N.L. Navy Burgess, James U.S.A. (Father ) James Burgess 19 Barlow Ave.
  22.  Byerly, Edward F. Army ind. 6-17-1942 Elm Ave. 
  23. Cannan, Raymond E. Army ind. 10-1-1943 4th and Elm Ave. 
  24. Carty, William A. Cpl. Army (Wife) Mrs. Erma Crawford Carty 
  25. Carrigan, “Bud” (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. James Carrigan Chestnut Ave. 
  26. Casperson, Richard Navy (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. Norman Casperson 
  27. Cassady, James M. Capt. Army (Wife) Mrs. Marion Lord Cassidy (Audubon) 
  28. Chew, Robert E. U.S.N. (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. A.M.Chew 
  29. Clift, Robert H. U.S.A. (Air Corps) (Father) George Clift Elm Ave. 
  30. Comstedt, Carl Conrad Jr. Navy (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. C.C. Comstedt Maple Ave. 
  31. Craig, Robert J. Army (info Mrs. Georgia May Stewart, 2 Mill Lane Woodbury) 
  32. Davenport, Merten M. Army Ind. 11-24-1944 Glassboro Rd.
  33.  Davis, Edwin, Army 
  34. Decker, Joseph Army ind. March 1943 (Mother) Mrs. Mary Decker Evergreen Ave. 
  35. Denham, Grahame Army (Air Force) (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. Alfred W. Denham
  36.  DePietro, Terrence Merchant Marines (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. S. DePietro Fairview Ave.
  37.  DePietro, Lewis Merchant Marines enl. 11-1-1944 (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. S. DePietro Fairview Ave. 
  38. Dodge, Russell Army (Wife) Mrs. Russell Dodge 
  39. Dunn, John U.S.N. Discharged (Father) Martin Dunn Glenwood Ave.
  40.  Eberhart, Robert M. Pvt. Army Chestnut Ave. 
  41. Echols, Frank Cpl. Army (Brother) Joseph Echols Park Ave. 
  42. Edgar, William K. Pvt. Army (M.P.) ind 6-17-1942 Medical Discharge Fairview Ave. 
  43. Evaul, Joseph Baker Lieut. Army (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. J Byron Evaul Linden Ave. 
  44. Faulk, Morris Jr. Lt. Army Medical Corps (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. Morris Faulk W. Jersey Ave. 
  45. Fitch, Albert   U.S.N. (Father) Harold Fitch 
  46. Fratz, Morris E. Jr. A.C.Army (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. Morris E. Fratz 
  47. Freund, Philip J. Jr. Sgt. Army (Parents) Mr.&Mrs. Philip Freund Sunside Ave. Missing Sept 1944 P.O.W. of Germans
  48.  Freund, Henry Navy enlisted 1-19-1944(Mother) Mrs. Philip Freund 
  49. Flores, B.A. Army Chestnut Ave. 
  50. Gerrow, William  Lieut. Army (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Wm F. Gerrow 
  51. Getties, Ralph   Navy % Frank Brown Elm Ave. 
  52. Gibbs, Allen G.W.  Army Glassboro Rd. 
  53. Giron, James S.  Sgt. U.S.A. Discharged for over age. Lake Ave. 
  54. Graham, James A. Lieut. U.S.A (Mother) Mrs. Florence Graham Chestnut Ave. (Wife) Mrs. James Graham) 
  55. Graham, Thomas W.  Army Ind. 7-31-1943 
  56. Graham, William   Army (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Thomas Graham Chestnut Ave. 
  57. Gray, George V. Marine Corps ind 4-21-45 Chestnut Ave. 
  58. Gray, Joseph C. U.S.N. (Father) Joseph Gray Linden Ave. 
  59. Gray, William Robert Navy 
  60.  Grey, Anthony, U.S.A. (Air Corps) (Father) John Grey 54 Burlow St. 
  61. Gundel, Edw. H. Pfc. Army (Wife) Mrs. Edw. H. Gundel Walnut Ave. 
  62. Hannock, Millard U.S.A. entered service 1-24-1941 (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Millard Hannock Barlow Ave. 
  63. Hannock, Pierson C. A.C. Navy (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Millard Hannock Barlow Ave. 
  64. Hasher, Clayton Army Air Force 2-17-42 (Sister) Mrs. Frank Pedrick 
  65. Hasson, Barnard Army? (Mother) Mrs. Emmeline B. Hasson Linden Ave.
  66.  Henning, Ray U.S.N. (construction Batt.) 
  67. Heurines, Albert  Army (Sister) Mrs. James Hires Poplar Ave.
  68.  Hill, Richard H. U.S.N. enlisted 10-9-1942 
  69. Hillman, Gilbert U.S.N. (Father) Gilbert Hillman Glassboro Road 
  70. Hillman, Robert W. Navy 
  71. Hoefers, Heinz A. 2nd Lieut. U.S.A. Pedricktown (Wife) Mrs. Blanche Freund Hoefers, Sunside Ave.
  72.  Holmstrom, Albert Pvt. U.S.A. (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Edward Holmstrom 
  73. Holmstrom, William Franklin U.S.N. (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Edward Holmstrom
  74.  Ingram, Lindy Navy Glassboro Road
  75.  Ingram, William U.S.M.C. (Father) Wm. P. Ingram
  76.  Irving, Kenneth R. Army ind. Oct. 1945 Park Ave.
  77.  Kaback, Harry Army (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Wm. Kaback Sunside Ave. 
  78. Kaercher, Robert Lloyd Navy (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. LeRoy V. Kaercher 4th and Elm Ave.
  79.  Kaercher, William U.S.C.G. (Father) LeRoy Kaercher Lake Ave.
  80.  Keene, Robert C. ind. 9-25-1944 
  81. Keitch, Charles W. Army (Air Force) 
  82. Kemner, Richard M. Sgt. Army (Wife) Mrs. R.M. Kemner 
  83. Kemner, William I. Cpl. Army 
  84.  Kent, Thomas
  85.  Kerr, John J. Army
  86.  Kidd, Harry W. Army 
  87. Kimball, Milton R. Army ind. Aug 31, 1942 Glassboro Rd. 
  88. Kingsland, Arthur E. Army
  89.  Kochersperger, Frank W. Navy enlist Nov.1942
  90.  Koft, Bernard W. 
  91. Layton, Fletcher Warren Marine Corps 7-1-1943 (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. F. Powers Layton Lake Ave. 
  92. Leypoldt, William C. Sgt. U.S.A. (Wife) Mrs. Ruth Fried Leypoldt 
  93. Linderoth, Oscar S1/C Coast Guard 
  94. Liver, James (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. James Liver Lake Ave.
  95.  Lucas, Charles J. Navy ind. 1-19-1945 Barlow Ave.
  96.  Lucas, Howard Raymond Tech Corp U.S.A. (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Thomas Lucas 
  97. Marconi, John F. U.S.A. (Father) John Marconi Chestnut Ave. 
  98. Marconi Samuel A. U.S.A. (Father) John Marconi Chestnut Ave. 
  99. McCabe, Thomas U.S.N. 
  100.  McCue, Norman U.S.C.G. (Father) Norman McCue 
  101. McLane, Paul (Wife) Mrs. Paul McLane 
  102. Meng, Eugene D. Navy ind. April 1944 West Jersey Ave.
  103.  Miller, Howard T. U.S.A. (Father) Ralph Miller
  104.  Miller, Ralph Sgt. U.S.A. (Air Force) (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Ralph Miller Chestnut Ave.
  105.  Milnor, Earl Marines 
  106. Milnor, Wm. W. Army 
  107. Meyer, Louis L. Master Sgt. U.S.A. (Wife) Mrs. Margaret Meyer % Charles Meyer Elm Ave.
  108.  Moore, Charles E. Army Inducted 9-2-1943 Elm Ave.
  109.  Moore, Joseph E. Lieut. U.S.A. West Jersey Ave.
  110.  Morgan, Calvin U.S.N. (Father) Leon T. Morgan Candidus Ave. 
  111. Morgan, Harry U.S.A. (Father) Leon Morgan
  112.  Morgan, Wm. J. Army (Mother) Elizabeth (Mrs. Leon) Candidus Ave. 
  113. Nace, Phillip L. Army (Air Force) (Mother) Mrs. H.L. Nace
  114.  Nicholosi, Samuel Leon Pfc. Army ind. 2-16-1943 (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Marino Nicholosi Mantua Ave.
  115.  Pancoast, William  U.S.A. (Father) Samuel Pancoast 
  116. Pedrick, Frank J.   Pvt. U.S.A. (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Frank Pedrick 
  117. Pedrick, John  Navy 10-19-1943 (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Frank Pedrick
  118.  Phalunas, Richard W. U.S.A. (Father) Peter Phalunas Glassboro Road 
  119. Pierson, Charles W. Jr. Marine Corps ind. 9-2-1943 
  120. Pisecco, Peter William  M.M.M2/C Navy enlisted Sept 1942 (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. John Pisecco order of Purple Heart West Jersey and Elm Ave.
  121.  Poff, Walter Charles Navy 10 Lake Ave. 
  122. Queal, James R. Master Sgt. Army (Engineers) (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. George Queal Poplar Ave. 
  123. Quigley, Herbert K. Army (Father) William H. Quigley Sr. 
  124. Radler, Fred   U.S.A. (Father) Fred A. Radler Glassboro Road 
  125. Rambo, Arthur  Army ind 3-22-1944 19 Lake Ave 
  126. Rambo, Gus Lieut. U.S.A. (Wife) Mrs. Gus Rambo 
  127. Reed, Hugh J. Sr.  Marine Corps ind. 1-1945 Glassboro Road
  128.  Reim, Harry G.  Navy (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Edward Reim Sr. Lake Ave.
  129.  Reim, James B. Sgt. U.S.M.C. (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. Edward Reim Sr. Lake Ave.
  130.  Reyes, Vicente  U.S.A. (Mother) Irene Reyes 
  131. Rheiner, Craig E. Marine Corps ind. 9-2-1943 
  132. Rheiner, Wayne W. ind. 9-25-1944 Glassboro Road 
  133. Rowlinson, Alice  W.A.C. (Father) Mr. Arthur Rowlinson Chestnut Ave. 
  134. Ruch, Herman V. Pvt. Army (Wife) Mrs. Herman V. Ruch
  135.  Schmoll, Charles U.S.N. (Father) Wm. Schmoll Clearview Ave. Schmoll, Morris E. 
  136. Scott, Stanton S.  Navy 
  137. Seeman, John A. Marine Corps ent. 4-18-1944 Wilson Ave. 
  138. Seeman, Robert Marine Corps enlist July 1945 (Parents) Mr.& Mrs. John Seeman Wilson Ave. 
  139. Styles, Frank J. Army 
  140. Taylor, Kenneth Army 
  141. Tevis, John Caldwell Army ind. 6-17-1942 (Brother) Reeves Tevis Delsea Drive E. Pitman
  142.  Thomas, Donald Pfc. U.S.A. 
  143. Thorne, William U.S.N. (Father) Wm. Thorne Chestnut Ave.
  144.  Tierney, Frances Joseph (Father) Patrick Tierney Oak and West Jersey Ave. 
  145. Trakimas, Alexander Army (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Trakimas 24 Walnut Ave. 
  146. Trakimas, Edmund U.S.A. (Father) Michael Trakimas Lake Drive 
  147. Trakimas, Edward J. Corp? 
  148. Trakimas, Walter U.S.A. (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Trakimas Walnut Ave. 
  149. Valora, David Philip Navy (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Valora East end of Asam Ave. 
  150. Valora, Frank Army (Parents) Mr. & Mrs. Valora Asam Ave.
  151.  Valora, Phyllis W.A.C.
  152.  Valora, Walter Army 25 Asam Ave.
  153.  VanNatta, John Robert P.O.2/C Navy (Father) Lloyd VanNatta Glassboro Road 
  154. Wagner, Elmo F. Navy
  155.  Watson, William J. Army 1-3-1944 
  156. Williams, Harold Army ind.12-16-1942 Walnut Ave. 
  157. Williams, John   Army 
  158. Young, Lucius P. Army (Mother) Mrs. Margaret Emerich 
  159. Young, Walter H. Navy (mother) Mrs. Margaret Emerich Glassboro Road

The list above was copied by Wilma Belcher as they appeared in the Red Cross records. Please help me make the list complete by adding information and corrections.

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